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14.04 frog__: Have you checked the ISO file you downloaded? Do you see the hash listed at the start? Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help with kodi? hmm. any ideas how to do this? it seems there is no isos for 14.04 yet, only 15.10 and 16.04... ThothCastel: see the end of the url dax: thanks well I want to stream my music, and of course kodi doesn't stream, so I wanted to use flume, but there is no option for flume... dax: downloading now Drew_McCoy: check the channel topic !discuss | Drew_McCoy Drew_McCoy: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks! all right jnewt: ok, so that means that the installed ubuntu wont boot. so the target system is missing some hardware or BIOS settings to boot from the grub that is installed in that usb. so if you dont mind reinstalling ubuntu to that usb stick it might work. jnewt: i assume your laptop is a macbook? k1l_: yes jnewt: ok. and you said it is a macbook pro? k1l_: yes, and it's an i7, so i should be able to boot i am assuming we talk here about ubuntu? jnewt: yes. it seems like its not booting from uefi yeah, macbook air



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Download PHOTOSHOP V20 Free yasgav

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